Welcome to Soccer Skills. 

This Savvity community is aimed to all of you who love soccer Laughing  

You can be young or old, female or male, playing soccer or maybe you just like to watch soccer games.  You might be a big fan of a specific soccer team or not. You do not have to be a professional soccer player to be a member of this community.  Laughing We would like to include everybody who enjoys the sport of soccer in this community.

My son and I will be in charge of this community. My son is 11 years old and an active soccer player and he just loves the sport. We encourage you to register on Savvity.net and join our community.  

Community Rules: When you become a member and write comments on Soccer Skills please always be a nice person with a positiv spirit and ensure to RESPECT other people.  Our writing rules on Soccer Skills follows the Savvity Rules of Conduct.   

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